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What I Do?

Clicking the world from the other side of the lens, I capture expressions, memories, stories, people, street art and all walks of life. Being a professional photographer in Chennai, I search for vibrant colors, fuse them with the right depth of field, capture it in the right pose. Come, experience the world from a creative angle.

celebrity portraits

Celebrity Portraits

fashion portraits

Fashion Portraits

Wedding Photography

Business Portraits

event photography

Event Photography

kids portraiture

Kids Photography

family portraits

Family Portraits

dance photography

Dance Photography

product photography

Product Photography

My Latest Clicks

Focusing on the creative aspect of every photograph, Jayanti Photography ensures that your pictures have a life and a story to tell. Here are some of the remarkable photos taken in the recent times

Celebrity Photography
Fashion Photography
Wedding Photography
Wedding photography
Architecture Photography
Christian Wedding Photography

A little about Jayanthi Photography

Can we freeze a moment in the timeline of life – with this thought I started clicking photos from my childhood? Since then life is on a roll. Soon, I started working as a producer in SunTv, and Kalaignar TV. After a decade of Industrial experience, the curious side of me ventured into other genres of Photography. From baby shoots and portraits to candid and product photography, I can help you to treasure your memories for a lifetime.jayanthi Photographyjayanthi Photography

  • portrait photography 95%

  • wedding photography 90%

  • Product Photography 85%

  • Architecture Photography 80%

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