5 Best Wedding Photographers in Chennai

A wedding is a one-time event in our life, so it is crucial to select the best photographers to capture. It is the memory that we are going to carry all over our journey with our partner, so selecting the right person to capture those memorable moments matters a lot.

People spend so much time selecting their photographer to record their memories. Couples have their eyes glued online to search for the best photographer in their locale, start looking at their samples, see what is best and imagine themselves being in that picture, posing similarly, imagining how they would look. They also engage the photographer to cover their event only to find that reality is different from what they saw. How does anyone know that the pictures they send as samples are their own? In the digital world, claiming someone else’s pictures as their own is very common.

On the other hand, few photographers can turn even a normal photograph into a lovely picture. In today’s scenario, everybody who carries a mobile is a cameraman. So, the photographer one selects should stand out from the lot.

Even amateurs nowadays carry the best of equipment. But what’s the use if they are not proficient enough to handle the equipment. An outstanding photographer can give an ultimate result with just the basic cameras. So, don’t judge a person by the equipment he owns. One should check to see how much experience the person has in the genre he is working.

Research to find what is trending in wedding photography. Check to see if the concerned photographer is aware of the present trends. A professional photographer should always keep updating his knowledge to keep up with the new trends.

Just by looking at a picture, one can say in which period the picture was taken. As far as photography is concerned each period has its cliché. No one can avoid it, because the client may want a particular sample from another person’s portfolio. So it becomes an untold rule to follow what others do. Of course, few photographers follow their style and also satisfy their clients by shooting what they want. A good technician should not only possess the technical ability to handle the latest equipment he should also be creative enough, to be on par with the latest trends.

The next point to consider is to see if the cameraman can communicate properly and see if he is a people person. At your wedding event, it is he who is going to communicate with you, your guests, and everybody out there. Therefore, he should have proper communicative skills to handle all kinds of people. Some of the VIP guests won’t pose, so he has to be cordial enough to request them to look at the camera, so see to that he has good communicative skills.

A good couple’s portrait will tell you whether the photographer was in good rapport with the client. The relationship will be evident in the picture. This is yet another requirement of a good photographer.
One prime mistake people do is to select a photographer based on their budget. Wedding is once – in- lifetime occasion. So never look at the budget, because at the end of it all, it is the photographs that you will carry as a memory to see what you did, who arrived, and those lovely candid moments… when you exchanged garlands, the tears you shed when your spouse tied the knot, the hugs you had with your mom and dad, your siblings….things that we do won’t repeat, but memories we create lasts forever.

I’ve given a random list of professional photographers who I think are the best photographers considering all the above requirements.

Here is a list top of 5 Wedding Photographers :


2. PIXELWORKS 9841801126

3.Madras Photographers

4. Green photography