Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Mylapore

Wedding photography is one of the most sought after genres for photographers these days. Everyone wants to save and store the memories of their once in a life occasion – The wedlock.

Chennai has been the hub of most of the famous photographers, And it may surprise you that few best of the lots are placed in Mylapore. And one among the best photographers is Jayanthi, who sets her foot tight on the genre of wedding photography and is very much a resident of Mylapore.

Jayanthi specialises in candid wedding, pre & post wedding photo-shoots and portraits photography and presents a candid and creative wedding memoir. She captures the shots with acumen and sophisticated gadgets and records the moments of the bride and groom’s togetherness with pleasingly aesthetic touches that one would value lifelong. Jayanthi is also a top class destination wedding photographer, who will just seal your love and feelings amidst breath-taking sceneries, making your destination wedding a dreamy fairy tale. This Mylapore photographer is a professional, excellent in capturing and presenting the wedding shots for an affordable cost.

Christian Wedding Photography

Even minute detail of the solemn event is captured with attentiveness and promptness as there are no second chances! It is recorded in deific way so that one can relive the moments even after several decades.

Jayanthi’s photography is candid and one can feel the emotions that the two elated souls communicate mutually on this extraordinary day of wedding. You can feel her striking professionalism in her outputs – the photography script, evaluate landscapes of the photo-shoots, and ponder over her reasonable charges as financial commitments. Here are some of Jayanthi’s mesmerizing creations that will prompt you to long for her hand in recording the memories of your near and dear ones, to cherish.

Heres a list of top 10 Wedding Photographers in Mylapore

  1. Jayanthi Photography– 9176639996

2. Bhalaje Photography

3. Pixelworks – 9841801126

4. Pushpa Videos

5.Life and Lights Photography

6.Venkatesh Photography

7. Chandra Videos

8. Nandhini video

9. Lingans Video

10. Sathya Videos