5 Best Christian Wedding Photographers

Christian Wedding Photography needs a lot of attention to detail and the special day has to be shot with an angle of creativity. While some wedding photographers restrict their work to standard poses like kissing the bride, couple photos on the aisle, some professional Wedding Photographers in Chennai click Instagram-worthy photos and reels for the bride and the groom. We have specially curated a list of 5 best photographers in Chennai for a Christian wedding. Check them out now:

Christian wedding photography

Acclaimed to be one of the best wedding photographers in Chennai and shining out as the best Christian wedding Photographer of Chennai is in itself an accolade of sorts.

The very sound of the word Wedding sparks an immense sense of bliss and happiness which just fascinates and enthrals us. It is an exceptional celebration of mirth and elation marking the communion of two beautiful souls. And this celebration is made even more memorable when a best photographer in the city whose dexterity to encompass these precious moments with a few subtle clicks on her wonderful camera.

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Weddings at church

Almost all wedding ceremonies are accompanied by the bride & the groom merrily exchanging vows, free flow of gifts such as rings, attires, and flowers and so on from either side. After this, an assertive authentic personality like the priest or the judge makes a public proclamation of the wedding. A wedding is followed by a reception where the couple wear exclusive exquisite garments, these days a grand reception precedes the wedding though.  During the ceremony all round fun and frolic music, poetic verses, prayers or a few glimpses from religious texts or literature also form an inalienable part of this.

Holding hands – Christian wedding photography

Wedding ceremonies throughout the world are excellent moments to cherish. They are of different hues synchronizing varying cultures accompanying traditions and customs. Likewise, the Christian weddings in South India have adapted several Western customs as well but are still very much native and loyal to the Indian culture.

The important formal rites and rituals  to be covered during Christian wedding photo-shoots are the beautiful floral decorations, the enchanting and gorgeous wedding attires of the bride &  groom in addition to the proud joyous occasion of the loving  parents walking along with their daughters down the aisle, the solemn  vows the  spouses  to be exchange before the pastor, followed by a very intimate moment when the new-weds exchange wedding  rings followed by the spectacular finale marking the South-Indian tradition  of tying the thaali or the mangalsutra.

Wedding photographers in chennai capturing wedding

The blissful occasion is followed by an eagerly anticipated lavish reception wherein the kith and kin, near and dear, friends and colleagues all throng to greet the duo immersed in wedlock with a toast. To mention, there is lots of fun & romp, food & music and dancing!!! In a Christian wedding reception mind-blowing culminating in the new-weds cut and enjoy a multi-tiered thematic beautiful and delicious at once cake.

Another optional but ecstatic aspect of this celebration is throwing the flower bouquet. The bride, surrounded by all her spinster friends, wishfully tosses the bouquet in the air towards them fondly hoping that the one who catches it is the one to be the next bride.

christian wedding cake
Christian wedding photography-Capturing cake

Here’s a List of Top 5 Christian Wedding Photographers

An Indian Christian wedding is not only exclusive and special but also elegant and gracious. Jayanthi, Our best Christian photographer has her patent style of chasing and capturing these rituals and frolics in the most mesmerizing & spectacular way at a very nominal cost… full satisfaction guaranteed!.

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