Top 3 Architecture photographers in Chennai

Architecture photography is essentially a discipline subservient to photographic profession and is often referred to as building photography or structure photography. Architecture photography is all about buildings, monuments, interiors and exteriors of an establishment.

The architectural photographer’s role, nay, goal is to evince and present the property or structures in an aesthetically pleasing and professionally accurate in terms of representation of their ingredient pleasantries. It requires a great deal of patience, attention and precision encompassing minute details and well advanced planning. 

A Building is not just stone and mortar but a dynamic structure and its presentation is all about balance, composition and geometry. Architects, builders and interior designers use images to promote their brand in visual and print media. Photos are no less important than the actual written content in projecting a story about a structure. 

Heres a list of 3 Best Architecture Photographers in Chennai


Jayanthi, one of the top 10 Architectural photographers of Chennai, is here to present her expertise and creativity to deliver an impressive and eye-grabbing imagery, at a reasonable and palatable price, for clients to profitably market their properties .

2. Gautham Ravi Photography

3. Sumanth Kumar Photography